Portable Ice Kettle

$29.97 $60

Introducing our 2 In 1 Kettle Style Ice Cube Mold

     The 2-in-1 curling bottle breaks the traditional ice making experience and refreshes your understanding of ice lattice. It is not only a hockey mold, but also a fashionable water bottle, which is easy to carry when you go out.

  • Large pot design, easy water injection, live with 18 ice balls at a time, easily place a variety of cup types, to meet the freshness of life.
  • Easily release the mold without waiting: as soon as it is pulled away, the ice is quickly released, and the handles on both sides are pulled away at the same time to quickly obtain a complete ice ball.
  • Easy to take ice and avoid falling: spherical ice cubes, easy to produce ice, avoiding the embarrassment of traditional ice trays spilling on the ground when taking ice.
  • Easy to carry: imitation pot-shaped design, bold and novel, comes with intimate handle, outdoor activities can also enjoy frosty moments.


Pour the ice hockey into the drink directly.

Pour the drink into the water bottle with the ice hockey directly and pour into the cup for drinking.

Pour the drink into the water bottle with ice hockey balls, and it can be drunk directly.

It is made of high-quality food contact grade plastic with clear and visible texture and BPA Free.


  • Material: Food grade TRITAN material (Non-toxic and exceptional dishwasher durability)
  • Color: White / Gray / Pink
  • Size: as the image shows
  • Weight: 500g
  • Package: 1 * 2-in-1 Kettle Type ice Hockey Mould